помогите пожалуйста
Заполните каждое предложение с одним из приведенных ниже слов. Одно слово нечетное из
education   compulsory  allowed  argument    private    behaviour  attends  trouble depressed    punished
1 Studnts are....to come to school whatever they want
2 And if you tell anyone you will be in big......
3 In..... schools of Australia education is free
4 They are famous as the place where some prominent people got their.......
5 You have to go to another school where the teachers all know about your bad.......
6 The naughty boy was.... by the old man
7 I'm not allowed to take even a small dog in the room I'm so.....about it
8 It's a weak....
9  The girl......a public school in the USA
10 Secondary education is...... for all children in the I.K.

  • 1 allowed, 2 trouble, 3. private, 4. education, 5. behaviour, 6. punished, 7. depressed, 8. argument, 9. attends, 10. compulsory