Заполни пропуски словами: some,any,no
1)There is____juice in the glass.
2)Would you like____orange juice?-No,thank you.I don,t want____.
3)Are there____ people jn the farm?-Yes,there are___.
4)They have_____bread at home.
5)Can I have___tea?
Вставь пропущенные предлоги.
1)There were some sweets and a box____chocolates_______ the table
2)In there any coffe__the cur?-Yes,there is some.
3)What  I  do___you?
4)He had a new suit and new shoes___yesterday.
5)There were mittens and boot____the armchair

  • 1-some, 2-some. 3-any.some. 4-no. 5 some.
    1of, on. 2- in. 3- for, 4- on. 5- under.