love our pets. Animals are our best friends and members of the family.
In this country, you will find special cemeteries for animals. Our
animals are always there for us and we are always there for them.

are our cats. We have three cats: Wally, Blacky and Mother. Mother is
the oldest and the biggest. She is a great hunter! She hunts ever night.
Wally is nice and kind. He comes to me in the evening, because he loves
1 sleep in my bed. Blacky is a hooligan. I-sleeps in the dogs' beds.
The cats live ir the house, but we don't see them very often. They like
to play outside, but the are never late for lunch. Very often the come
with their friends from the street, love cats because they are very
beautifi and independent.

And these are our dogs Fourby and
Henry. Fourby is half collie and half spaniel. She comes from a rescue
home This organization helps homeless dogs and looks for a new home for
ther Thanks to rescue homes, there are no homeless dogs on the streets.
In England, people rarely buy puppies: they go to rescue homes and find a
dog there. Fourby's name comes from the number on her cage in the
rescue home — 4B (Fourby). She is the kindest dog in the world and loves
our cats!

Fourby's best friend is Henry. He is a Labrador.
Labradors are very special dogs: they are kind and clever. Our Henry has
an easy life: he plays in the garden and sleeps on the sofa, but many
Labradors have real jobs. They are guide dogs. Guide dogs get special
training and help blind people. With a guide dog, blind people can walk
to the bank or the supermarket. It's safe for them.
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