Выберите одну из тем и напишите эссе (200 слов).
• Почему наука отличается от/подобна другой карьеры.
• Почему научная карьера привлекательна / не привлекательна для меня.

  • Now when more and more interest and attention is paid to practical application of knowledge and many students already on 3-4-year students begin to earn money using their knowledge in practice - how popular among youth scientific career?

    Not a secret, that the scientist's career is now paid not only by us, but by and large anywhere in the world. But how it is prestigious, interesting, topical is rather a question of time and the ability to see the Outlook is not instantaneous, but rather a long-range order.

    It seems to me that in the near future all the same will become the predominant idea of modernization and innovation. And the promotion and development of this idea involves the creation and development of modern science. If such a request from the society, the state, the economy, companies implemented gradually and the scientist's career will become increasingly attractive.

    Technical changes in society are possible only if the society as a whole are moving towards modernization and this is part and education, and culture, and the overall system.