Помогите вставить make или do

A Here are some facts about Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Fill in the gaps with make or do. Use the negative form if necessary.

1.    J. K. Rowling... a French course when she was young.
2.    J. K. Rowling... a mistake when she became a secretary.
3.    In Portugal Rowling... a lot of progress with her writing.
4.    What did she... in Portugal? — She taught English.
5.    In Portugal J. K. Rowling... sports.
6.    In Edinburgh J. K. Rowling... all the housework herself.
7.    When J. K. Rowling needed money, one of her friends... her a favour.
8.    Rowling... a lot of money with her books.
9.    Nowadays J. K. Rowling... a lot of writing.
10. J. K. Rowling... friends all over the world thanks to Harry Potter.

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