Топик на тему как я провел выходные

  • Each person has his hobby and as a matter of fact little free time to do something we like doing most of all. I also have many hobbies. As I am a pupil I haven`t got much free time during the school days. And I study in Russian school so I`ve got only one day off. It`s Sunday.

    In my free time I usually hang out with my friends or surf the Net. If it is summer I don`t use the computer much and have a great time outside. But in autumn, winter and spring I have to use computer more because sometimes wecan`t do our homework without using the Internet. And I usually chat with my friends because I don`t see some of them for a long time.

    On Saturdays or Sundays I usually help my mum with the housework, watch TV, meet my friends and often play the guitar because I`m mad about music.

    But sometimes if the school days were busy and I had to study much harder I simply relax. I think we must do something interesting in our free time because we become borried and tired after doing homework and studying so hard.