Помогите только правильно плиз!)*

Turn the followiing sentences into reported speech.

1.Mother: Dont forget about your homework!
2.Father: When will you go to the disco?
3.Teacher: Open the books, please!
4.Tom: We went to the Crimia last year
5.Mother: Can you take out rubbish this afternoon?
6. Sara: I dont like reading tabloids
7.Reporter: BBC broadcasted a very interesting film yesterday
8. Denis: I will read an interesting article tomorrow.
9. Teacher: Why havent you done your homework?
10. Meg: I am sorry. I am late today.
11.Peter: You must heip me with English.
12. The girl: Dont ask me silly questions! 

  • 1.My mother sad that I don't forget my homework
    2.My father asked me if I would go to the disco
    3.teacher said to me that I should to open the books
    4.Tom said that he was in the Crimea last year
    Извини, остально не успеваю!