Составьте вопросы к предложениям с данными вопросительными словами.


1. She doesn't like English food. (What?) 
2. Something fell on the floor. (What?) 
3. We used to live in a small village. (Where?) 
4. He's been studying in London since November. (How long?) 
5. I have already seen Dracula. (When?) 
6. I'll have to borrow 10 pounds from Nick. (Who?) 
7. There are a lot of words of French origin in English. (Why?) 
8. I think he's at home now. (Where?) 
9. The British national flag is called Union Jack. (What?) 
10. The weather was nasty yesterday. (What?)

  • what does she like?
    what fell on the floor?
    where you used to live?
    how long he studied in London?
    when you saw Dracula?
    who will have to take the pounds?
    why the English language has words of French origin?
    where is he  now ?