помогите составить сочинение на тему Традиции Украины.Только на английском языке.Примерно на 1 страничку.Пожалуйста)))

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    Traditions and customs of Ukraine – are unique and various

    Each people have heritage and the customs created throughout the millennia or even centuries. Traditions and customs of Ukraine – are unique and various. Traditions and customs of Ukraine are of great importance for Ukrainians.

    The most important customs of Ukraine belong, first of all, to a family. So, the birth of the child always was a significant event in life of each family. It isn't accepted to come to the house where there is a newborn without gift. This day family celebration as under religious laws it is day of the spiritual birth is arranged, and it is considered more important, than birthday. And to the new house, by tradition of Ukraine, the first let in a cat or a rooster. On ancient belief, they clear the new dwelling of evil ghosts.

    Wedding customs of Ukraine aren't less interesting also. In order that in real life young overcame obstacles easier, during a wedding it is accepted to create obstacles to the groom. For example, to block the road the tense tapes that it couldn't pass to the bride. The groom has to in any way to occupy or redeem an entrance to the bride: money, arrangements or gifts. Besides, the groom with the bride can be thrown wheat or rice in which add small coins – a fertility and welfare symbol.

    Such customs, as birthday celebration, housewarming, engagement are also popular. Each custom represents special ritual with feasts, songs and toasts.