Помогите пожалуйста составить предложения со словами: tiny, delicious, huge, terrified, exhausted, ancient, filthy, fascinating.

  • tiny - крошечный
    At the time we were doing this small tour of tiny venues around the UK for hardcore fans.

    delicious - восхитительный, вкусный, приятный
    Now that's actually really good for your voice and it tastes absolutely delicious .

    huge - огромный, гигантский
    That wasn't really all that important to a huge portion of NBA fans.

    terrified - ужас, напуганный, запуганный

    Samsung was terrified that Apple would be the first to release a SmartWatch, so it rushed to market with the Galaxy Gear .

    exhausted - 
    измученный, исчерпанный
    Forest fires flared up again in Portugal just hours after 27 infernos were declared extinguished by more than 3,600 exhausted firefighters.

    ancient - древний, старый
    I am proud to belong to this ancient land.

    filthy - грязный
    Last Monday, after a west wind, the sea was filthy dirty.

    fascinating - очаровательный, увлекательный
    This is a fascinating book and well worth a read, especially to anyone living in Russia.