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  • As his eyes adjusted to the bright light . He saw no large corridor whose walls were white. Right there were three doors , two doors on the left and one in the center at the end of the corridor. GAGES stepped forward , opened the second door on the right and invited Basil enter . Among the white walls of the room stood a tall cylinder few chairs around the edges of the room and the girl, friendly look inviting Basil to sit on one of the chairs . - Good afternoon. - Soft voice she said . - Sit in any chair. - She looked at Alabaster . - For the last stage of preparation. - GAGES nodded , agreeing with the girl. Basil sat in the very near to him the chair. - A quite convenient. - He thought . Despite the fact that the nerves were on edge due to not knowing what was coming . The last sentence was given to the girls in his head echo.
  • The last man on the Earth was sitting in the empty room. Suddenly, he heard the knock at the door. 
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