Срочно надо сочинение на тему "Как преодолеть скуку"
Желательно на английском, но можно и на русском)

  • I think many would like to do some things you love, but still can not decide what it was. So much fun ! I want to do everything , in the end people and sits in thought , doing nothing . My way out of the situation - this action ! The main thing - to understand what you mostly want to do. Someone , for example, are interested in the sport and all that it involves , other creative work , the third gathering. But how do we determine what we can do it better and will give pleasure ? That's what I want to tell you in this article.Once I too was in this situation , could not nothing useful to do. Constantly sitting on the internet, read all sorts of quotes , news, and watched movies on this, perhaps , everything. Do not get bored ? I think my life should be done as soon as possible more colorful and interesting , all in our power main desire . By the way , the first step in order to fill their everyday life with new experiences , the book became the chief editor of the website "Sun Hands" Anastasia Guy " Do not fly with the elephants , or the principles of happiness."First, let 's define what we do? I think you often remember some moments from my childhood , now it is again to return to them , because they will help us in choosing our interests with you . As a child, we are more opened on the acquisition of some skills, so try to remember what you did in your childhood or you want to do then . Here, for example , as a child I liked to engage in creative , draw, bead bracelets themselves , as they did from macrame and even tried to knit. But then somehow it all was forgotten , and this is the lesson I really liked it, because it's nice to do something with their hands , to do ! And then I remembered my hobbies such and decided to re- learn knitting on the hook. I was so inspired that I bought woolen yarn , crochet hook and started knitting scarf itself . You can not imagine how I liked this activity , now every free moment I knit something yourself or your family. So try to remember their past desires, they you can do a good job . By the way, with the help of knitwear can give zest to his dwelling . On this subject on the website " Solar Hands" has a wonderful article " Knitwear in the interior : give freedom of imagination ! "Second . Choose yet another direction and try to engage them as often as possible . First, you can not taste this occupation , but eventually you will realize that this activity brings you satisfaction and joy .Third . Think about what your life is not enough to diversify it . Often we are doing the same boring , instead grasp something new. For example, for several years I did not engage in any physical exercise, but everyone knows they are useful for our body. I thought that I manage well without them , until I realized that the exercises give us energy boost, enhance well-being and elevate mood . So I decided to firmly engage the morning exercise, which began to bring me lots of positive every day. Some complex exercises, I peeked in the article " How to make a flat stomach ? " Site "Sun Hands ."Fourth. Look at what you have located. Maybe you good at writing school essays . Do not you like in this case, writing activities ? Maybe you like to come up with imaginative ideas and shares them with others. Then, perhaps , master classes on your part . Or is there a propensity for languages. Why not use it for good and start exploring some unusual language?These are just some examples that you can do in your spare time , I think you 'll be able to decide what is closer to you and to your liking. Importantly, do not be lazy and get busy ! Give your favorite cause at least a few minutes each day and increase the amount of time on this activity , and you will like it more and more . I wish you success in finding your favorite hobby or occupation !