сочинение лгать или не лгать на английском плиз очень нужно!)

  • If you begin to list all the qualities which should have a real friend , it would be no ordinary man, and Superman : kind, cheerful , loyal, honest , faithful, coming to the aid , able to support in difficult times and bail out , bold , interesting. .. Perhaps, but these people unit , these people heroes , people legends . But even they have a right to be wrong , because people can not , and should not be perfect , otherwise it will be very lonely in our world.Whom we choose as friends ? Perhaps those who possess the qualities that have paramount importance to us . Not all of the above , but only some . And we cherish this man because he is what he is actually . In other value than individual quality, and the whole person : his habits, demeanor and conversation.Often realize that a stranger to you was a real person after another together experienced troubles, setbacks, difficulties , in which a person is revealed inside , unable to lie ahead.A true friend ... This is something close , infinitely precious , warm, cozy . " A friend in need not abandon , do not ask too much ." Yes , it is. But it's not just one , when he - for you. I believe that the one-sided friendship - it's a mirage , an illusion. Friendship - when it takes two, but also give each other - two. Honestly, without cheating , without the use of one person to another.Do many qualities that I think are important and necessary for a true friend , I possess ? What I'm willing to sacrifice for each other ? I think that you need to frequently ask ourselves these questions, that is to become a true friend , and then there are certainly people who will support you in difficult times, without hesitation immediately served a helping hand and share with you all the joys and sorrows of life.And now on this information about the concept of friendship describe his friend ( girlfriend ) , let him (her ) a response , starting with his ( her ) name! ) )