say what kinds of people you like and dont like. Explain why
Перевод: сказать, что за люди вам нравится, и не нравится. Объясните, почему

  • Do you remember when I first started thinking about the fact that like it or not people? Hardly. But remember, when you like a boy or a girl in kindergarten or in the yard. " I told him ( she ) does not like me " - this thought often comes to mind in school, respect our faculty , not when we get very good grades ...This is important - like the others? In my opinion , yes. But, in fact , it's relevant to you. positive attitude , which in turn gives you the opportunity to open up, to achieve something greater is the opportunity to feel yourself comfortable in society. With this seemingly clear. But is it possible to please everyone ? Is it worth it to ensure that everyone loves ?In my opinion, all nravitsa impossible. Just - impossible! Such a diversity of views on the same things and phenomena as people do not exist . Comes to predict all the reactions themselves no one can . But each of us in his life intersects with all of humanity . Our circle of friends is pretty limited . So you can find common ground everyone? Theoretically - yes . And there are such people . They are called differently : " your guy ", "our man", " darling ", " soul of the company ." Among them, there are really so kommunikabnlnye people that all comfortable with them . And he himself ? I doubt it , especially if it happens all the time . And God forbid they ever show their fatigue, unwillingness to positive , weakness, concern. Hear as a pretender and a liar , and two-faced .Personally, I think that many of them are indeed such . These are people unsure of what they can much . Therefore , scattering some complements , putting themselves above others and frankly flattering third , thus quite a bit humbling ( humiliation was once the word ) , a person creates about themselves complaisant view and a good man . No, it does not harm anyone , and even gives good results for society. Only reason a normal person would react negatively . Probably heard false . A trust such people is difficult .There is yet another category: want that all was well . It is also impossible. Most often, these people make others feel good at its own expense and at the expense of loved ones. Also not the best option .Once entered into the soul of the words : do not try to prove that you're good - be . And there will always be unhappy with you . As they say : the opponent rotok not nakinesh scarf - yes someone will scold you . And then there is the thought : a man without enemies - suspicious person .No, enemies , of course , do not want to have, but stay yourself , I think - one of the best feelings. Because then we people or ( most importantly ) does not time .