Срочно решите плиз откройте скобки, и правильно напишите слова (задание 4)

    Then, with the help of her magic she hid the prince, Chest, and all in the middle of a lonely forest.
    She shut him in a great iron Chest.
    The Prince's father sent his men far and wide, but they could not find him.
    Noone knew what became of the Prince.
    She had been walking for nine days and suddenly she saw some strange Chest standing in front of her.
    She agreed.
  • Long, long ago, in the days when magic was still in some use, an old Wicked Witch put a King's son under a spell.
    The voice from the chest said it would help the girl if she promised to come back and marry him.
    Year after year the Chest stood there in the great wild forest.
    She also heard the Chest speaking.
    She answered she had lost her way.
    The Chest wanted to know where the girl had come from and where was she going.
    It so happened that a King's daughter had lost her way in that forest.