Раскройте скобки,ставя глаголы в соответствующем времени.

1. Hello! I (try) to telephone you all week. Where you (be)?
2. "I don't think we (meet) before?" "Well, I (see) you once at a party, but we not (be) introduced then."
3. It (look)
as if this light (burn) all night. I must (forget) (switch) it off before I (go) to bed
last night.
4. Come in now. I'm sorry (keep) you (wait) so long.
5. I (buy) the book, but when I (hear) the opinion of the critics, I (change) my mind.
6. At last you're here! I (wait) here for more than half an hour. I might (know) you (be) late!
7. My father (work) in Canada for the last year, so by the time he (return) the month
after next I not (see) him for fourteen months.
8. When you (see) him again you (be struck) by the way his health (improve) since he (go) to
9. If you (tell) me you already (buy) the book, I not (give) it to you as a birthday present,
but now it (be) too late.
10. I (ring) the bell once more, but as he not (answer) yet, I think he must (go) out. I not
(bother) (come) all this way if I (know).
11. It's just as well we (bring) a guide-book with us. If we not (have), we (be) completely
12. You can't (remember) (tell) him how to get here. If you (have), he (arrive) long before

  • Можно в разном времени поставить некоьорые глаголы.