Раскрой скобки, поставив глаголы в форму PresentContinuous.1.     They _____ (drive) the car to work now.2.     She _____ (write) a letter to her English friend.3.     We _____ (make) a new school project now.4.     My mum _____ (tell) my little sister a night fairy-tale at the moment.5.     Listen! The girl _____ (play) the piano so nicely.6.     – What _____ you _____ (eat)?   – A banana!7.     The children _____ (notsleep) now. They _____ (have) lunch.8.     Look! The sun _____ (shine)! It _____ (notrain).9.     Tom _____ (wear) a nice new uniform now.10.  _____ you _____ (listen) to music now?11.  He _____ (notwalk) in the park at the moment.12.  I _____ (read) a book about animals now.13.  The little girl _____ (dance) at the moment.14.  I see the bird _____ (fly) in the sky.15.  – What _____ he _____ (do) now?    – He and his friends _____ (watch) a new film.16.  _____ she _____ (cook) dinner now?17.  The child _____ (drink) milk at the moment.18.  Listen! She _____ (learn) the poem by heart.19.  The pupils _____ (notrun) around the classroom. They _____ (listen) to the teacher attentively now.20.  The group _____ (sing) my favourite song now.

  • are driving
    is writing
    are making
    is telling
    is playing
    are you eating
    are not sleeping
    have/are having
    is shining
    isn`t raining
    is wearing
    Are you listening
    isn`t walking
    am reading
    is dancing
    flying/is flying
    is he doing
    are watching
    is she cooking
    is drinking
    is learning
    are not running
    are listening
    is singing