Прочитай окончание сказки и ответь на вопрос: "Who helps the people?"

After the lamp sneezes, the light goes out (выключается). Now nobody (никто) can see where to post letters. At this moment a duck comes to the lamp. Her name is Miranda [mi'raends]. She looks at the lamp and thinks: "How can people post their letters without [wid'aut] (без) the lamp?"

She climbs [klaimz] (взбирается) the letterbox and begins to quack [kwaek] (крякать).

She quacks and quacks. And the people who come to post their letters say: "It's dark here. Where is the letterbox?"
But then they hear Miranda's quacking ['kwaekin] (кряканье). And they think: "Whatever is all that quacking for?" (Что это она так крякает?) They go to where they hear the quacking.
They see Miranda and the letterbox under her. They post their letters and they are very happy.

  • Людям помогла утка Миранда.Она забралась на почтовый ящик и стала крякать.