Помогите пожааалуйста!!!

предложение, в котором допущена ошибка при употреблении оборота to be
going to:

            А. She is going to be a singer;                     Б. We are going to solve these examples tomorrow;

            В. He is going to come home next week;    Г. They
are going to learn English.

предложение, в котором есть притяжательное местоимение в абсолютной форме:

            А. It is her cat;                                Б. Is this car yours?

            В. They like our pictures;               Г. My dog is very clever.

предложение, в котором допущена ошибка:

            А. They can to speak English;                    Б. We want to go to the park;

            В. She likes to travel;                                  Г. He began to learn English last year.

предложение, в котором допущена ошибка при употреблении артикля:

            А. I went to the Black Sea;                                   Б. What a fine day!

            В. Most of the articles are very interesting;          Г. They live in United States.

предложение, в котором не допущено ошибки:

            А. They did not wanted to sleep;                   Б. Nobody does not live here;

            В. He will be not reading at 4 o`clock;          Г. She does not can swimming.

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