Помогите плиз очень надо!!!!!
Поставить эти  предложения в вопросительные.
1)You grow vegetables in the garden in summer.
2)Mike goes on a sea voyage every year.
3)They pulled out the weeds in the kichen garden yesterday afternoon.
4)She has lain in the sun on the beach this morning .
5)Grandpa is sitting on a bench under the tree ib the yard now.
6)Simon always eats healthy food.
7)Granny breathes fresh air in the garden every evening.
8)His friends lead an interesting life in St Petersburg in summer.
9)Her sister walked the streets of New York two weeks ago.

  • 1 Do you 
    2 does mike go 
    3 did  they pull 
    4 has she got 
    5 is grandpa sitting 
    6Does simon eat 
    7does granny 
    8 do her friends lead 
    Did her sister
  • Do you grow....
    Does Mike goes...
    Are they...
    Is she has...
    Is granpa.....
    Are Simon...
    Are granny.....
    Is his freinds...
    Is her....

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