"польза и вред гаджетов"

    tiring for your eyes . The same thing happens with e-books . Only here it all depends on the screen resolution . The higher it is - all the better for us.

    With tablets is not the case . Convenience these gadgets in the description is not needed. Tablets are just a part of everyday life and business spheres . Urgently need to make some technical translation of the text - using a tablet that can be arranged in a matter of seconds . But the disadvantage is that it is difficult to print large texts , sore arms and neck ache . After

  • With each new day there are more and more new products IT, only manage to follow the news ! But what do we know about the impact of the gadgets on our physical and mental wellbeing?

    If we talk about e-books , you just want to say good things. These gadgets are profitable burst into our lives , and we are gradually replacing the familiar paper version . Light handy gadgets can be seen at every fifth on the subway or in the bus . If you think about the influence of such books on vision , everything is ambiguous. The fact that the reading of the paper book carries a large burden to the eyes . This
    is the case : the higher the level of printing of publications, better
    quality paper - the easier it is perceived by the text , and not so
    useful for the organism. If you take a break , workout, do not overload your eyes - everything will be fine , so it all depends on you.

  • working with the computer we use conventional sitting position ,
    whereas with tablet in hand , you can work in any position , not always