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Arthur left Sir Kay and quickly went to church. Were not no more knights outside stone, because they were in the tournament. Arthur dismounted and went to the stone. He took the sword in his hand and pulled. He came from the stone easily. He ran back to his horse with a sword .
Sword came out as easily as a knife from butter . Sir Ector saw this and took the hand of Arthur. '' You are my king, he said. Arthur did not understand. What is the father mean? " Arthur, " Sir Ector said slowly , "I love you very much , but I'm not really your father . Merlin , the famous man of magic, brought you to me when you were a little kid . "
Each knight tried to pull the sword from the stone . Nobody could do it - a sword came out. Knights pulled and pulled , but they are unable to work a sword. Ten knights stayed and guarded sword. Others went to invite all the great people in the country to London to participate in the tournament. They hoped one those strong men could pull the sword
A few minutes later , he again met Sir Kay and Sir Ector , and he showed them the sword. "Where did this come from? " Said Sir Ector. He knew about the words on the stone. They returned to the scene outside the church , and again Sir Ector put the sword in the stone. "Now pull it out ," he said Arthur. Arthur pulled it out.
Then they went to the knights and told them everything . Knights were angry . They did not think that was really the King Arthur . So Merlin called all of them to the stone. Arthur put the sword back into the stone. Knights watched he pulled it easily. Then the knights believed. Everyone was shouting , " our King Arthur ! Arthur our king ! "
One day, when Arthur was a young man , Merlin and all the knights went to London . They met in a big church. When they came out, they saw something strange in front of the church . It was a very big stone with a large sword in it. The sun shone on the sword , and it looked very strong. On the stone were the words : "Only the king can take the sword from the stone . "
Sir Ector , the king came to the tournament with his two sons , Sir Kay and the young Arthur . Arthur was sixteen years old . Young people want to fight with the other knights , but Sir Kay did not have a sword. Arthur was a kind young man . He wanted to help his brother . "There is a sword in the stone outside the church . I saw him on the way here ," he said . "I can go and get it for you. "

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