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  • Traffic rules in Russia
    Driving is on the right side of the road
    The minimum age to drive a car is 18
    Wearing of seat belts is mandatory in both front and back seats
    Speaking on a mobile phone while driving (without a handsfree device) is a serious offence
    Crossing a solid double white line is forbidden
    Turning right at a red light is not allowed when there is no special green arrow traffic light
    It is illegal for children under the age of 12 to travel in the front seat
    Picking up hitchhikers is illegal
    Dipped headlights must be used during the day
    A minimum of third-party insurance is compulsory

    Speed limits are shown in kilometres per hour (Km/h). Inside built-up areas, the speed limit is 60 Km/h, 90 Km/h outside these zones, and 100 Km/h on highways. These apply to all types of roads.

    The traffic police have the authority to issue fines on the spot as well as to suspend the driving licence of the offending driver or even to make an arrest in the case of drunk driving and to detain the vehicle.