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    1. Westmoreland, Virginia, British America


      3. In the revolutionary war George Washington was the leader of all the soldiers in the 13 colonies. He led are country to great victory, and now we the people of America have our freedom.

    4. Here's an incomplete list of George Washington's tyranny. As President, he raised taxes several times when he was one of the wealthiest men in the colonies (that is, he could've given his own money to the treasury

    .5.He went back to his home Mount Vernon, Virginia. He was later asked to be the country's first leader. Some wanted him to be King but he had none of it because the reason the Revolution was fought was to give power to the people not a King

    6.In 1797

    7.Abraham Lincoln was the son of Nancy Hanks Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln who later remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln who became Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother. Lincoln became very close to Sarah, and would call her “mother”, however was quite distant to his father


    9.When Abraham Lincoln was 10 years old, he was kicked by a horse, collapsed and nearly died.

    10.Stephen A. Douglas