Опишите какой нибудь ваш любимый город, его магазины, кафе, рестораны, людей, улицы,здания. Спасибо.

  • To emphasize the importance and greatness of Moscow, it is often referred to as the third Rome . But I think in our city , and without regard to Rome exciting and wonderful story. Moscow keeps its secrets , not only in architecture but also in the names of streets and places. So , for example, is for " Vagankovo ​​." Of course , most Muscovites and Russians in general the word immediately associated with a famous cemetery Vahankovskym where you can worship the dust of the great Russian people. But it's just that, as they say, on the surface. In the words of a long story. Moskvoved Tatiana Biryukova knows several versions. She writes : " According to one version , the word" Vagankovo ​​" comes from the wooden trough " cars . " Of these, Chumakov Ukrainian Cossacks and in field conditions ate food from millet. While guests are stopped in Moscow, they stayed in Krestovozdvyzhenskoho monastery ( near modern street Vozdvizhenka ) on the hill that now we call Vahankovskym (we mark it on Pashkov Home Russian library) . "

    This version seems to me rather schematic and therefore not very convincing. About the same account for the origin of the word ' "Arbat" . When the Tartars came under tribute, with their carts are located in a designated place for them near the Kremlin. Hence - Arbat street name . A similar scheme can be applied to many names of old Moscow.