Опишите какой нибудь ваш любимый город, его магазины, кафе, рестораны, людей, улицы,здания. Спасибо.

  • In my composition I would like to write about Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Prince Yuri Dolgoruky founded Moscow in 1147.

    Moscow is situated in the centre of European Russia. The population of Moscow is about 10 million people. The weather in summer is very hot, sunny,sometimes rainy. The weather in winter is very cold and snowy. Most Muscovites live in the city. Many people prefer to live in country homes.

    Moscow is a cultural center of Russia. There are more than 80 museums in Moscow: the Historical Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, and the Tretyakov Gallery. Every year 14 million people visit museums. Moscow is famous for its theatres. Moscow has about 200 theatres: the Bolshoy and the Maliy Theatres in Teatralnaya Square. In Moscow there is Red Square and the Kremlin.

    I would like to invite my foreign friend to visit Moscow. You may visit Moscow in winter because you can play snowballs and make a snowman. Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Moscow is a heart of Russia. I`m proud of Moscow.