Помогите, пожалуйста. Нужен рассказ на английском о Украине.
(желательно не большой и с переводом)
заранее спасибо

  • Ukraine is the biggest country in Eastern Europe, close to the border with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland in the East, With Moldova in the South-West, Belarus in the North-West, on Russia in the North and East. The state is bordered by two seas: the sea of Azov and Black. The capital of Ukraine - Kiev.

    Today the recreation in Ukraine - is ample opportunity for visitors to the country. To see the monuments of cultural heritage of Kiev, to get acquainted with unsurpassed humor of Odessa, basking in the Crimean beaches, to visit the pearl of Azov - Berdyansk - all this is possible within one country.