Нужен диалог по английскому на тему"Мое свободное время" по 4 фразы на каждого человека (всего 2 человека в диалоге),только,пожалуйста не 2-3 слова!!!!Зранее благодарю)))))

  • -Hi, Ashton!
    -Hello, Luke, how do you do?
    -Great! I started to play football in school. Now I understand that football is my life! 
    -So how about you? What do you do when you are free? 
    -Oh, I've been playing the guitar for 5 years. 
    - I know! That's cool
    -And now I am in a boy-band. I spend my time with new friends in the band playing the guitar.
    -I hope one time I get a ticket on your concert!