Не могли бы Вы мне помочь составить вопросы?

1/we have lunch at one o'clock every day.(WHEN...)

2.she got a lot of postcards on her birthday last year.(what..)

3.Ann has never been to London.(Has...)
4.Timoty will go abroad next year. (where...) 
5.He is watching tv now. (who ...)


  • When do we have lanch?
    What did she get?
    Has Anne been to London?
    Where will Timothy go next year?
    Who is watching tv now?
  • 1)When do you usually have lunch?
    2)What did she got on her birthday last year?
    3. Has Ann never been to London?
    4) Where Timoty will go next year?
    5) Who is watching tv now?