напишите пожалуйста сочинение( каждый пункт плана- новый абзац)Speak about sport.

Which sports are popular in your country.

Which sports is your favourite to watch, why.

Who is your favourite sportsman, why.

Which sports you enjoy playing, why

    I think for me it is tennis. I've benn practicing since I was 6. And pretty much all my family does play tennis. My mother is really excellent player. So when we go somewhere on vacations we always rent a tennis court there, so we could play everyday. I think I like tennis so much well because I'm good in it and it is like our family activity.

    My favorite sportman is Maria Sharapova. She is awesome tennis player. She had serious trauma couple of years ago, but she is really determinated that she wants to play. So she always tries to achieve her goals no matter what. I admire these qualities.

  • It's really hard to decide which sport is the most popular. I think it is either hockey or football. Both of them has millions of fans in our country. I guess, people like to watch it because you somehow can relate to the game. You should cheere team up, when they are on the field, and it makes you feel like you are part of the process of winning.
    As you know there was Olympic games in our country not long ago. And I discovered this sport called curling. Turned out it is really interesting to watch. At the beginning I could not understand, what the rules are. But after I've watched like three or four rounds, I saw, that this game is not only. sport, but also is very intellectual. You had to see how you stone would go beforehand, should know how much strength you need to put in this throw and stuff like that.