Напишите пожалуйста рецепт фруктового салата на английском

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    To prepare ingredients.
    2Properly to wash up fruit. To squeeze out juice of oranges.3To cut a pear and apple on quarters, to clear of a peel, to pull out the middle. Banana очисть from a peel. To cut plum and peaches on a rib of a stone and, holding the bottom half a hand, to turn top to the opposite side. From the remained half to take out a stone by means of a knife.4
    To cut fruit slices. It is better that they weren't too small.
    To shift the cut fruit in orange juice, carefully to mix. To put in the refrigerator approximately on half an hour that the dessert managed to be cooled.
    It is ready! Bon appetit!Councils:
    • Fruit in this salad can be the most different! The main thing, try not to mix very sour grades with the very sweet.
    • It is best of all to cut all ingredients rather largely that in ready salad it was possible to feel taste of each fruit.
    • Instead of orange juice it is possible to use the lemon. However, then in a dessert it is necessary to add a little sugar.
    • Here and there in Western Europe love also alcoholic Macedonia which prepares with sweet wine instead of juice. If there is a desire, the sweet sherry or a moskatel well will be suitable for these purposes.