Напишите рассказ на английском языке про свой любимый день недели 

  • My favorite day of the week is Sunday, because it is a free day. You can sleep and not have to go to school. But one drawback delat need lessons. I also like Sunday on the TGO that with my girlfriends we often go to the cinema, entertainment or just go for a walk . Most zamechatelno Monday on what can sleep and sleep can be long ! I love Sunday. I sometimes come to visit and other relative who give me nice gifts and we have a wonderful day! More on Sundays I play computer and other games. It happens that my output is issued not very successful and interesting , but I always find something to do . Sometimes I sit down at the table and draw or sit by the window and watch what is going on in the street. I love when that day I devote a lot of attention. Evening mom brings me candy and various goodies . Sunday I spend differently, despite what my mood. I love Sundays. I want them to last forever and never finished ! !
  • I like Sunday . In Sunday I go for a walk with my friend. In Sunday at noon a have lunch and I do my my homework. I help my mother make the bad and sweep . In Sunday evening I watch tv and listen to music . I go to sleep at ten o'clock . I like Sunday .
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