напишите предложения в косвенной речи!1. They said: "We have forgotten to phone our friend".
2. "I'm going to the cinema straight from work. Will you go with me?" Barry said to Ann.
3. "What will you be doing at ten o'clock on Friday?" asked Ben. "I think I will be having breakfast", said Mike.
4. The man asked us: "Is there a post office near here?"
5. "Where is my magazine, Alice?" asked mother. "I have put it on the table", said Alice.
6. "I won't do it until they give me some money", said the boy.
7. "Don't smoke in the compartment", said the passenger.


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  • 1. they said that they had forgotten to phone their friend
    2. Barry said to Ann he was going to the cinema from the work and asked if she would go with him
    3. Ben asked Mike what he would be doing at ten o'clock on Friday. Mike answered he thought he would be having breakfast
    4. The man asked us if there was a post office near here
    5. Mother asked Alice where her magazine was. Alice said she had put it on the table
    6. the boy said he would not do it until they gave him some money
    7. the passenger said not to smoke in the compartment