Помогите ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Написать сочинение на английском про весну, но можно про любое время года

  • Springtime is a wonderful season. The warm sun shines and melts winter ice and snow. Nature begins to awake. All the trees and bushes are covered with small buds that get bigger and bigger and after some time turn into young green leaves. Then everything begin to blossom, flowers are everywhere. We can hear the birds singing and smell the sweet aroma of blooming trees.
    The weather is fine almost all the time. It’s not hot, that’s why we go for a walk with great pleasure. Sometimes it rains in spring and the air gets filled with the odour of the wet ground. Thуn the first springtime storm comes with bright flashes of lightning and thunder. It makes the ground fertile so that in summer and autumn we can enjoy fruits and vegetables from our gardens.  
    In spring we celebrate some interesting holidays. On the 8th of March it’s Women’s Day. On such a day we give flowers to all women we love – our moms, grannies, sisters, friends… They all are as smart and beautiful as the spring around. Their smiles are so bright and happy! Then we celebrate Easter, the Christian holiday of revival and love. On the 9th of May it’s the great day for our country. We celebrate the Victory Day. Many years ago the World War II was over. We honor the veterans and bring flowers to the monuments of those who gave their lives for our peaceful future.