Помогите написать сочинение на 50 слов про то как празднуют день рождение в Росси.
Вот пример из учебника:
In Britain, we have a paty to celebrate our brithdays. Everyone brings a small gift. My mum always makes me a birthday cake. We have a table full of food, crisps, sandwiches, small cakes and shocolate biscuits, ice cream and very small sausages you eat on a stick.
I just love them. We decorate the house with balloons and l play party games with my friends.

  • Russia dnyuha is a solemn day and a favorite holiday for a large number of people. On a day whose families was planned holiday house is always full of guests, who are invited to the birthday boy's parents or the birthday itself. In connection with this, cover the festive table, and all guests are treated to a variety of goodies: pies, bun and bread loaf.