Помогите пожалуйста написать письмо на английском языке на тему:...What do you like most about your shooi& Have you got a iot of friends at school&

    they ought to do it anyway despite the fact that they want to play the computer games or to
    their schools. And one of the most
    obvious reason is our school friends! I
    have a stroll with their friends
    . But nevertheless children love

  • Today I would
    after school. Students have a lot of difficult homework after school time. So
    think that every pupil has at least one best friend at school. Every morning you

  • about the secrets you can find out today, news you would discuss with
    it isn’t true. In my opinion they think and say so only because they are tired
    like to talk about my school and school friends.  Most pupils will say that school is the  worst place in the world.But I think that
    move towards your school thinking about  upcoming
    fun at the lessons,
    your friend, don’t you? As for me, I have a lot of friends at school.  I appreciate every minute that I have  spent with friends.