помогите написать небольшое сочинение на Английском языке про ягуара

  • Water this cat is not afraid, and she loves to swim, and floats well. Because the inhabitants of rivers and lakes and breastfeed themselves of this predator: lunch gets to it and the water (capybaras, and turtles, and fish, with the fish Jaguar hunts shore vyshvyrivat them out of the water powerful blows to the legs. Eyewitnesses tell that saw the Jaguar caught fish huge paws right out of the water. In General, all American beasts have to fear gluttons Liiv Jaguar, even tapirs come to him at lunch is not as companions. Monkeys this is a born hunter catches even the tops of the trees or off near a watering hole. Jaguars are active at night and day, but the most favorite of their time worrying, a dim twilight. Very often jaguars first buried their prey and then I'm back and eat it.

    Although many people talked about the bloodlust of the Jaguar, its blind, irrepressible lust to kill, but these stories often turn to fables. Jaguar is not as bad as it is presented, and "natural born killer" person should rather be known as a person.

    Hunting of jaguars is strictly prohibited in all habitats, in addition to French Guiana, ignoring the Convention for the protection of endangered species!!!