1. Написать 15 предложений что я делала  или делал вчера 5 предложений в Past Continius ,10 предложений в Past  Simple.

2. Написать , сколько времени родители добираются до работы ( работу напишите какую захотите ) , бабушка или дедушка добираются до дачи , сколько мой друг или подруга добрался или добиралася вчера до школы . сколько я буду добираться до школы завтра

  • 1 задание.
    Past Continuous.
    I was walking at the school at 8 o'clock yesterday
    I was cooking the dinner at 5 o'clock yesterday
    I was reading a book at 4 o'clock yesterday
    I was writing while he was reading
    When I was playing computer games, he came
    Past Simple.
    I listened to music yesterday
    I watched TV yesterday
    I read yesterday
    I wrote a letter yesterday
    I played a computer yesterday
    I walked yesterday
    I taught my parrot to talk yesterday
    I rode a horse yesterday
    I ate pizza yesterday
    I swam in the swimming pool yesterday

    2 задание.
    It takes 30 minutes my mother to get to the hosptal
    It takes 20 minutes my father to get to the office
    It take 30 minutes my grandparents to get to the country house
    It takes 20 minutes my friend to get to the school
    i will get to the school like 10 minutes tommorow