Люди добрые, помогите написать эссе о том что "некоторые люди считают что новые гаджеты заменили нам книги , а другие так не считают."Можете написать и на русском, лишь бы эссе было Ваше.

  • Whether you like reading or not you are definetely deal with reading news, diferent articles and etc. Technology is developing fast and we have lots of opportunities to read information using different gadgets. Will books be replaced by these gadgets?
    Well, some people are sure in the fact that books will disappear. These people are keen on modern technology and use electronic books, laptops for reading with great pleasure. We can often meet people with such gadgets in the bus, at school and everywhere. They find this way of reading practical.
    On the other hand, there are plenty of people who aren't addicted to use gadgets. They are sure that books will exsist forever because reading them is more pleasant and comfortable.
    Tastes differ. As for me, it's hard to say if we will use only gadgets instead of books or not. My parents gave me a pocket electronic book on my previous birthday. Needless to say, it's handy and useful but I still often buy books and magazines and visit libraries... So, I think there are always be a part of people who will read books and in my opinion, books won't totally replaced by gadgets. Anyway, Time will show.