любимый исполнитель

  • 2. My favourite singer isRihanna. Rihannas birthname is Robyn RihannaFenty. She was born onFebruary 20, 1988. Rihannawas born in Barbados. Shebegan to sing at the age ofseven. Rihanna won a beautypageant at her school. She ispopular all over the word.Rihanna is a fashion model,actress and fashion designer.3. She has many well-knownalbums. The best album is «TalkThat Talk».And my favourite single is «You DaOne». She has very interestingclips.4. Rihanna was able to changeher style very often. Someonelikes her style and someonedislikes it.5. She sang in a duet with popularsingers. And Rihanna has receivedmany awards for her creativity.6. The end.Thank you for the attention.Kolos Elizaveta. 9 «А»