Look at the pictures aging. What sections does the British school library have ? Do you have the same section at your school library? if not, what are they?

(Посмотрите на фотографии старения. Какие разделы есть на британской школьной библиотеки ? У вас есть тот же раздел в вашей школьной библиотеки? если нет, то каковы они?)) Помогите плиз))

  • School library on these pictures have a lot of diffrent sections, such as section all about food,or everything on drama theme.Every popular among people theme has it own section.2)In our school we also have sections,but they are much smaller,and there are not as many books,as in British library.But we dont have section such as food or drama,because our library is much smaller
  • что сделать то надо ??????????????