Помогите если не трудно, надо ответить на вопросы, заранее спасибо

А вот и сами вопросы:

1. When do you get up?
2. How do you get to school? When do you get back? Do you take a bus? What bus do you take?
3. What is your hobby? When did you take it up?
4. Who do you get on really well with? Do you sometimes get bored at parties? Why? 5. Do you make plans about the future? Do you want to make a tour to the mountains? When do you think it will take place?

  • 1. I usually get up at 7.30.
    2. At 8.00. I leave for school. we live not far from the school so I get there on foot. It takes me about 10 minutes.
    3. My hobby is reading. I took it up when I was about 6. My granny gave me a very interesting book and I read it with pleasure.
    4. I really get well with my friends. With them I never get bored because they are so merry. 
    5. Sometimes I make plans about my future. I want to be a vet. This summer I would like to take a tour to the mountains.