ask and answer,A) Could you ... when you were ...? B)Yes,l cjuld./ No,l couldnt. Could you...?

  • 1. There, should be, anybody is not present. 2. It, should be, has understood nothing and has taken offence. 3. It, probably, does not remember that promised to bring to us a Moscow map, 4. You, most likely, did not know that they have moved to one of suburbs of London. 5. It, probably, has left a door not locked. 6. You, probably, did not meet such amusing boy, as our Tim. 7. To you be, it should is hard to believe to it. 8. Children, should be, have not noticed that has already darkened. 9. He, for certain, does not know anything about it. 10. It, probably, absolutely неопытна in transfer of medical articles from English on the Russian. 11. It, should be, it seems to you improbable, but it is the fact. 12. It, should be, has not learnt you in crowd.