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  • For most of us it is not easy to make a (o) decision about a career. The problem with that is you might miss out on a whole lot of (1) decisions because you don't know about them. If you're (2)satisfyed it's a good idea to find out a lot about (3)different  jobs. There are computer based quizzes which can help you. Such quizzes push you into thinking what you like and (4)choose whether you are (5)interested  in (6)information  technology or in (7teaching , whether you are (8)certain, (9)informed or practical. What is more important to you - a (10  high  paid job or job (11) motivating. There is a special (12)opportunities which will help you to make the right (13) choise  about courses, (14applications  and careers. Personal advisers can offer (15)_____ on a wide range of problem and help with (16) _______ forms.