Англичане помогите пожалуйста... нужно составить текст ответив на вопросы о фильме.
Think of a film you have seen recently. Answer the questions, then write a short film review of it. Use the texts in Ex. 2 as a model (30-40 words).
• What is the name/type of the film?
• Who directed it? • Who stars in it?
• What is the film about?
• What do you think of the film?

Думайте о фильме, который Вы недавно видели. Ответьте на вопросы, затем напишите обзор короткометражного фильма его. Используйте тексты в Напр. 2 как модель (30-40 слов).
• Каково имя/тип фильма?
• Кто направил его?• Кто играет главную роль в нем?
• О чем фильм?
• Что Вы думаете о фильме?

  • I'd like to tell you about one of the films, I've been watching recently. Les Misérables was set in 2012 in England, despite the French title. It's a screen version of a very popular Broadway musical, which, in turn, is an adaptation of the Novel by Victor Hugo. Les Misérables was directed by Tom Hooper, a sheer crackjack, Oscar winner for the film "The King's Speech". The giant glory was given to the sensational musical by talanted cast: Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and many others. 
    The action of the movie develops in the beginning of the 19th century in Paris. The runaway conviсt Jean Valjean, who was sentenced to prison, is forced to hide from a cruel justice for many years. The inspector of the Paris police Javert considers the capture of Valjean as an affair of his life. After the death of Fantine, the woman, for the fate of whose Jean Valjean was in charge, the only one person close to him is her daughter Cosette. Meanwhile the ABC friends led by Enjolras are preparing to the revolution. 
    I don't think that this film is for everyone, because it lasts almost 3 hours and characters are always singing. By the way, the originality of Les Misérables is in the fact that all actors are singing with their own voices and directly on the set. So we can also estimate the vocal skills of actors.
    I was really delighted by Les Misérables, so I may boldly recommend it to you.