Помогите пожалуйста,5 упражнение,с переводчика не нужно.

  • 1.in summer we often go to the countryside.
    2. Everybody likes the new Pits' house
    3. I like to go to the forest for mushrooms very much.
    4. Mother usually puts an apple and sandwich in my bag.
    5. At every lesson we learn a lot of new material.
    6. Man-eater speaks English very well.
    7. Everyday postman delivers newspapers and magazines.
    8. In summer children play football whole day.
    9. We know you very we'll
    10. The dog usually hides from the sun under the porch.
    11. I like your poem very much
    12. We give dry feed to the dog and the cat eats meat, fish and milk