1)WHO is the hear of state in britain?
2)does the Queen rule the country?
3)What does the Queen do?
4)What do you know about the Royal Family?
5)What countries were included into the British Empire at the beginning of the 20th century?6)What happened in 1949?7)Who does the real power in britain belong to?

  •  1) ВОЗ является слышат государства в Великобритании?
     2) yes
    3) It contributes its share in political and social life of the country , performing the duties imposed by the law , participating in various ceremonies and representing Britain around the world. The Queen is a constitutional monarch , ie, its power is limited by rules and laws and therefore it can not govern as ruled by the Russian tsars . The Queen did not participate in the legislative process and the process of governance . This makes for her numerous governmental apparatus . Even speech uttered by the Queen, on holidays or major public events , written entirely in the government. Queen remains a symbol of unity and stability of the UK , as well as many countries in the British Commonwealth of Nations.
    4) British royal family (born British Royal Family) - a group of close relatives of the monarch of Great Britain . In 1917 George V because of the war with Germany renounced all German titles for himself and heirs and renamed Saxe-Coburg- Gotha dynasty in the house of Windsor.
    In the UK there is no clear legal or formal definition of a member of the royal family, usually members of the royal family are considered the monarch , the spouse of the monarch, relict of the monarch, the monarch's children and grandchildren of the monarch in the male line , spouses and widowed spouses sons and grandsons in the male line of the monarch. Members of the British royal family are titles Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses .
    Historically, members of the British royal family was represented by the monarch on the British Empire and occupied important positions and representation , today they perform ceremonial and social functions, both in the UK and abroad , and also have no monarch
    5) Какие страны были включены в Британской империи в начале 20-го века?
    This year, Britain became a member of NATO. and later started the crisis of the British Empire
    According to the constitution as power belongs there and everywhere people. Prime chief executive, legislative parliament, the queen is above all, but has no real power, it's their story