10 предложений на английском про пианино)срочно надо

  • 1)Piano has 2 modes of play all the time keystrokes or all the time pressed keys.
    2)The piano knows how to play the ringing tone.
    3)When playing the piano we hear the harmony of sounds.
    4)An interesting fact is that for the career of a pianist is especially important start in music at a very early age, about three-four years.
    5)Piano played Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin.
    6)The piano is not just a tool, a way of life.
    7)Piano - strings-keyboard musical instrument.
    8)The first piano was invented by American J. Hawkins.
    9)The piano have a socle floor — it is the knot of an itovy design connecting to the case of a piano from below and necessary for fastening of the pedal mechanism.
    10)The piano borrows much less a place, than a grand piano.