Пожалуйста помогите написать проект на английском языке "Что будет в будущем?"

    that people were comfortable and safe to live in them. Perhaps my future

  • First,
    other - both large and small, with skyscrapers and small cottages, and
    the city of the future, much attention will be paid to the places of
    there is no sea, no river will be made with artificial bodies of water
    the city of the future will be very comfortable for living. In addition
    purchases to the house and it is available to everyone. Also there will
    that pollute the environment, will use the new safe technologies. There
    and rivers. Life in the city will be full, as always, so the streets
    where you can swim and sail boats. Each city will remind resort.

    city is not much like the city of fiction, but I believe that he is the
    to the usual shops and cafes, there will be various service delivery of
    the city of the future net, because all plants and other enterprises
    way we could make it.

  • would like to see the city of the future were different and unlike each
    be many new kinds of public transport, very fast and secure.

    will be a lot of cars. However, they will ride on ecological fuel.

    will be clouds of red metallic dust, chemicals, dirty water in the seas
    leisure. Will be built the many parks, cinemas, viewing platforms. Where